Connecting Top Talent with Leading Companies

At Grant Wagner, we specialize in connecting exceptional talent with leading organizations to foster growth and success in a dynamic marketplace. Our comprehensive range of services, from technology staffing to professional placements, RPO solutions, and payrolling services, is crafted to address the varied staffing needs across industries. With our deep recruitment expertise and our propriety database over a million candidates globally, we are experts at recruiting for niche talent and diverse candidates. With a focus on quality, agility, and tailored solutions, we’re committed to ensuring the right fit for every position, supporting your company’s digital transformation journey to hit your strategic goals.


Strategic Talent Solutions for Business Growth


We match businesses with skilled technology professionals, ensuring candidates fit both skill requirements and company culture, essential for high performing teams.


We place IT professionals in healthcare organizations to drive the success of their IT projects, ensuring seamless technological advancements and improved patient care.

RPO Solutions

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services offer a strategic partnership to optimize your hiring process, enhancing your employer brand while securing top talent efficiently and effectively.

Professional Staffing

Beyond tech, we fill roles across various sectors like finance, healthcare, and engineering, focusing on candidates who align with your strategic goals for both temporary and permanent needs.


Connecting healthcare facilities with top-tier nurses and allied health staff to elevate patient care and meet clinical milestones.

Payrolling Services

Outsource your payroll complexities to us. We handle all aspects of payroll management for your contingent workforce, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and peace of mind.


Why Partner with Us


We prioritize rapid responses and quick placements to keep your business moving forward.


Our flexible approach adapts to your changing needs, ensuring timely and relevant solutions.


Every candidate we place meets a high standard of excellence, reflecting our dedication to your success.


We champion diversity, building teams that drive innovation and mirror the global market.


Our solutions are designed to deliver maximum value, optimizing your staffing investment for better returns.


Ready to Enhance Your Team? Let’s Connect

Rely on us for staffing solutions that match the pace and needs of your business. We offer targeted support to help you fill critical roles, ensuring your team is equipped to face the challenges ahead.