This article, published by Forbes Business Development Council and authored by Damien Howard, CEO & Founder of Grant Wagner, explores the vital role of talent in digital transformation.

In his article, Damien Howard, CEO & Founder of Grant Wagner, discusses the crucial role of talent in driving successful digital transformation initiatives. Drawing from his experience in talent acquisition, Howard explains that successful digital transformation begins with a comprehensive internal assessment and clear communication with both internal and external talent partners. Key steps include defining goals and objectives, examining organizational data and processes, assessing technology infrastructure, evaluating workforce capabilities, and gauging readiness for change.

Howard emphasizes that organizations must embrace a digital mindset, nurture digital leaders, close skills gaps, foster cross-functional collaboration, and adopt a customer-centric approach. He explains that a digital mindset involves a fundamental shift in culture, where hiring individuals with a growth mindset and a willingness to adapt is essential. Nurturing digital leaders who can champion change and drive innovation is also critical.

Closing skills gaps through targeted upskilling and reskilling programs ensures the workforce can leverage new technologies effectively. Cross-functional collaboration breaks down silos and enables innovative solutions. A customer-centric approach, where talent focuses on understanding and enhancing the customer journey, is vital for creating exceptional customer experiences.

Howard also highlights the importance of diversity in the workforce for driving innovation and better decision-making. Flexibility and scalability in talent management are necessary to adapt to market changes. Ultimately, partnering with skilled staffing agencies can help businesses navigate the evolving landscape and secure the right talent to drive success.

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Damien Howard

Damien Howard is the CEO & Founder of Grant Wagner, a national staffing firm devoted to developing business driven and nuanced talent solutions for small to enterprise level firms.  Damien is a Forbes Council Member and a sought-after speaker and subject matter expert who has been featured by Forbes, Gartner’s 50th Anniversary Conference, Grow with Google, Triple Pundit, Capgemini’s Future-ready talent for sustainable impact, JFF Horizons, SHRM, The World Economic Forum, The 3rd Annual Leading Private Equity Growth Event – The Big Exit 2021 and more. 

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