Our Story

About Grant Wagner

A Vision Born Out of Necessity

The inception of Grant Wagner was driven by a clear vision: to address critical talent acquisition gaps that hinder business growth and innovation.

The leadership at Grant Wagner observed firsthand the challenges businesses face, including skill shortages, passive candidates, evolving technologies, cultural misalignments, high turnover rates, and the need for high-velocity yet accurate hiring processes. Armed with this insight, Grant Wagner was launched as a solution-oriented firm dedicated to overcoming these obstacles through innovation, precision, and a deep understanding of the IT talent market.

Our Partnership Approach

Grant Wagner stands out for its commitment to being more than just a service provider; we are a thought partner for our clients. With over 23 years of deep talent acquisition experience, our approach combines exceptional delivery, advanced systems, tools, and partnerships to fill the talent gaps efficiently and effectively. We pride ourselves on enabling our clients to drive their success, backed by our support at every step.


Our Standards & Commitments


We build trust by being honest and building strong relationships with everyone we work with.


We aim to exceed expectations with high-quality service and attention to detail for our clients and candidates.


We support a diverse and inclusive environment that respects all perspectives and backgrounds.


We quickly adapt to changes to meet our clients’ needs with effective and timely solutions.


We stay current and innovative, finding new ways to solve challenges in the IT staffing industry.


Let’s Build the Future Together

At Grant Wagner, your success is our mission. We invite you to discover how our strategic approach to IT staffing can transform your talent acquisition strategy and propel your business forward. Join us in building the future of technology, together.